• Jeremy Konopka

Boxes and Show Tunes

Do you ever feel like you have to do things in a certain way because you have told yourself that is how it is done?

Growing up, I had Broadway posters all over my room. I loved going to NYC and negotiating with the street vendors to buy as many of the small, framed, show posters that I could. I had a large 'Broadway' street sign, a signed poster from a Stage Door experience (obviously waiting to meet the cast of Legally Blonde) and awards from community theatre shows.

One day, I was older. I was in a College BFA Musical Theatre program and a professional. Professionals don't hang these things up! We roll our eyes when people tell us they saw the major hit Broadway show and think about the cool and immersive theatre we just saw.

Well, one day, I woke up from this strange societal pressure. I realized that I can be both a professional and a fan of an art that I love so deeply. And that permission that I granted myself freed something up inside of me. I didn't realize the box that I was locking myself inside of until I broke out and sang some Wicked.

Granting yourself permission to keep your youthful joy, optimism, admiration, and love alive will set it free, to mix with what you have learned now, and form an enlightened, grounded, and bright YOU.

I'm seeing this in other aspects of my life, as well. As issues get heavier and heavier, I feel the need to lift them and throw them around. I realize that just like with my theatrical quandaries, I can add my own levity to this current plight.

I can still be true to the moment and the gravity of the issues while adding just a touch of my childhood, solo 'You Can't Stop The Beat' energy.

Let's not get stuck in a box that was put there without our permission. Let's break free and do it in our own way.

I believe that I make bigger steps when I move forward this way. And I am a better artist, ally, and human because of it.

"We're Breakin' Free! We're Soarin'! Flyin'! There's not a star in Heaven that we can't reach!!"-- High School Musical 1.

Serving you post a performance of Seussical vibes.

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