• Jeremy Konopka

Give Yourself Time

I intended on keeping track of every book I read this year. I wanted to keep a note in my phone or a journal so that I could look back and remember.

I didn't do it.

I still think it's a great idea and I still want to have an organized system. Yet, I stop myself because I want to have done it. I want to have a full list to add to.

I don't want to begin.

I'm annoyed with myself for not having done it. All you had to do was write the title down when you were finished, Jeremy.

This list may seem silly but the overall idea is universal.

It takes time. Putting in the time to build to what you want. Little steps.

I so often want to just jump to the result that it can paralyze me from doing anything at all. I'm so ready to sit down and churn it all out but not as ready to set aside time to slowly build and develop.

It's so easy to think "IF I had done x, y and z, I would be reaping the benefits right now."

Instead, let's think "I can start doing x, y and z right NOW, step by step, and the benefits will accumulate.

It just takes time.

Investing the time. Allowing yourself the time. Gaining control of your time.

Time and patience.

I'm off to write down the book I'm currently reading. And although it doesn't feel monumental, it is, because in 6 months I will have made a list.

I will also have giant arm muscles.

Just Kidding. One push up at a time.

Look at all of the things that need to function for this watch to work!! Each step matters!

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