• Jeremy Konopka

Hope Versus Greed

I was reading "The Song of Achilles" by Madeline Miller when I came across a statement that perplexed me. "And where there was greed there was hope."

My mind started racing. Is this real? I often feel hopeful but am I just a greedy brat for an outcome that I want?! Am I the same as these Greek armies who just want gold and war prizes?!

My instinct and thinking on this brought me to the conclusion that Hope cannot be inspired by greed for it to truly be hope. Hope is a light and Greed is a darkness that would cloud it.

As much as I consider myself an expert (I don't), I turned to Queen Brené Brown to see what she has to say on the matter. I found out from her research that Hope is teachable and it is obscured by entitlement and the desire to have things fast and easy, although sometimes they may come that way.

I also found an archaic definition of Hope that I love which says that it is a feeling of trust. To me, that is trust in yourself and trust in what you seek.

Hope is brave and valiant while Greed is selfish and leaves you floundering about like Violet Beauregarde with no intentions for anything but your reward.

Now while I don't think I am greedy for outcomes, I am excited to put these definitions of hope into action.

Hope is full of the vulnerability of reaching for something with all of your might because you believe in it.

Greed has no patience or chill while Hope must.

Now I am hardly a Greek Mythology buff but I can say that, in my opinion, greedy hope did not bode well for those armies. Madeline's amazing book painted this so well as the armies slowly fell apart. Morale was lost. Their perceived hope had no substance.

With their eyes zoned in on the prizes, did they even know what they were fighting for? Or WHY they were fighting? (Thanks Simon Sinek)

I'm laughing at the thought of me reading this to the armies to see what they think. How fast would they cut me down and throw me into the Sea?!

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