• Jeremy Konopka

Hump Day Hope

Growing up, I was terrified of school. It took a lot to get me through the week. Total anxiety. Full body response. Shaking. Sweating. Dramatic, much?

My parents made “hump day” a huge light in the week. I saw how much I had accomplished and the hope for what was left. It helped me to take a clear look. I even remember yelling to the crossing guards, “Happy Hump Day!!” and they would join in. They were totally psyched to have this apex in the week, too!  

Do other people feel this same way? Are they trudging along, yearning for that Friday Horizon, too?

I began to evolve within that mindset. I began to love school. To love what I could accomplish.

And just as I slowly inched my way into school, I began to ease into the transition.

And sure, this happened at the beginning of each school year for me. (I'm not exaggerating, it happened at the beginning of every. school. year.) Yet, I started to have tools to get me through it. To embrace the process. To know my process. To breathe along the way.

My mind moved forward each time, if even just a little bit.

I was reminded of this mindset in March, when the dementors clearly descended into our lives, sucking our souls away . I remembered to give myself my wins, no matter how small. To experience my downfalls, no matter how trivial. And to see the horizon and know that I can get there. Even if it is inch by inch.

Let's embrace this Hump Day Hope. Share it. Get it to catch on. To catch fire (thanks, Katniss). We got this and we have each other. And if you need a little encouragement, maybe grab a tennis racket and rock it out?

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