• Jeremy Konopka

New Paths Traveled

My routine has changed. I am sure that yours has too. And I've been thinking a lot about the people and things that I used to see in my old routines, my old paths traveled. The baristas (I spent so much money at Dunkin'...so much.), the pedestrians that would pass by me at the same time everyday, the crossing guard that I was just getting to know.

This awareness always brought me a lot of joy and comfort. Somehow, we were brought together in our routines, these people. And not just people, objects, too. I miss these Halloween decorations on my old walk from work that were so fun and I would see every year (a giant Goosebumps monster!)

Now, I recently started to notice new people and moments in my routine. I am finding a lot of comfort in this because for a second there, I forgot how this awareness can lift me up.

There are always constants along the way, you just need to be aware, to see them, and to allow them into your orbit.

Right now I love watching the vines of leaves outside of my window turn with the weather. I see fellow bike riders here in the city, as I have recently become one of them on these bumpy, Brooklyn streets. I'm back to seeing the UPS and USPS workers that I used to always see. I'm even sharing small talk with neighbors that I never have before (behind our masks, don't worry!)

Take the time to enjoy the consistencies on your path, no matter how small. They just may be the connection you need to get you through your day and to lift your spirits.

This weekend, I purchased an amazing Pumpkin Person from a store and right now, they are the constant that I need to see every morning while I drink my coffee. I shall attach a photo for you to be jealous.

My new friend and I!!

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