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School Supplies

Growing up, my mom and I would go to Staples the evening after my first day of school and purchase all of my school supplies. A lot of schools send out that list ahead of time but we would receive it on the first day. Even though the beginning of the school year could be hard for me, these materials filled me with motivation and enthusiasm.

I remember so vividly going through the aisles with a cart and tossing anything and everything inside. Marble copybooks, highlighters, pens, pencils...binders! A Texas Instrument Calculator! A fancy backpack!...Is that a pen with 4 color options? I must have it!

Why was this so exciting?! Why was I so thrilled to assign a marble copybook to Chemistry...To Algebra...To literal AP European History (that class was so hard, people...it was SO hard. The amount of Henrys and Elizabeths is CRAY!).

It is the possibility in it all. Everything is fresh and new and shiny. The pages before me are blank and ready to be filled. I feel a sense of power and inspiration. To learn. To go on a new adventure.

Although my school days are behind me, I promised myself a while ago that I will never stop learning. And this year, it occurred to me that I can channel all of those past experiences into my current circumstances. Why can't I? And it can be even better this time because no one is grading me. 'School' doesn't have to be such a strict and physical place nor does it need to be a time in our lives.

Now, I'm not going to keep learning European History (I'm not scarred, what are you talking about?). However, I have been really wanting to learn about Astrology. So, I'm going to assign a binder to it. Probably one that is left over from Staples all of those years ago. I'm going to organize it and learn. I have also been waiting to dive into Simon Sinek's, 'Start With Why'. I have it right here, just waiting to be cracked open. (Isn't that new book smell the best?!)

Lessons and knowledge on just about anything are right at our fingertips these days. I can feel that excitement again right now as I think about my binder and new book and all of the possibility that they represent. I'm stepping into the power that is in my control and finding that when I do so, I'm an all-around better person for it.

Happy September. Let's go to 'school.' And if you happen to be brushing up on some European History, would you tutor me?

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