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Share The Smile

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Billy Bustamante took this incredible photo as a celebration of a successful headshot shoot.

I pride myself in being a jovial and kind person. I do my best to always have a smile on my face and to bring that everywhere. I love this, however, I'm not happy all of the time and it's not really cool to force that on others if they aren't feeling happy. ("Just smile!! You will feel better!!" *smiles and doesn't feel better*")

I've been thinking about this a lot. How can I show up for people and for myself in those moments that may not be joyful? How can I bring the smile to myself and others if no one feels like smiling?

What if bringing joy to a space doesn't have to mean a giant smile? Or making everyone laugh? Or coaxing everyone to be giddy?

A warm flutter. A breath of empathy.
Truly seeing someone. And showing them who you are.

I realized that I love to leave notes for loved ones. A small note of love. I do it a lot. I also love to check in with my friends and family and hold space for them. It's not the traditional and outward showing of a smile and a laugh ("ha ha! Laugh! Funny!" Teresa Giudice style), it's being present and sharing something with others, no matter how small (thanks, Horton).

Let's make each other 'smile' in all of the ways we can figure out. I believe it is from that place of seeing and being seen that we can really ground ourselves and have the strength to be our best. I know Ruth Bader Ginsburg would want us to move forward being the best that we can.

Let's share the smile, whether it's a FaceTime to truly look someone in the eyes or a Venmo for that Grubhub take out.

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