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Snapshot Of A Feeling

I was watching Home Alone with family this week and we got to the beautiful moment at the end when Catherine O'Hara comes home to Kevin. (Spoiler!!). It is snowing, John Williams' score is playing, and they embrace and it is wonderful. All the feels, as they say.

The feelings rush in and grab my spirit and my mood and lift me so high. All of a sudden I am flooded with all of my favorite holiday moments and memories.

Memories of being together. Of such simple moments. Moments where time stands still and you feel untouchable in the embrace of love and joy. Merry Moments.

It got me thinking that this time of year is filled with so many of these snapshots of feelings.

Iconic films or holiday ornaments or the sound of Mariah Carey's voice and how they summon forth a feeling, as if it has been frozen in time and tucked deep inside of you.

Everyone has their traditions. Their must watches. Must dos. Must eats.

They are powerful.

I wonder how we can carry these snapshots into all parts of the year. To find those moments even when we are not being showered with the beauty of holiday love stories in small towns (thanks, Hallmark).

That way, this magical season is not the only time we give ourselves permission to take time. Time to fill our cup. Of Hot Chocolate. Of Coffee. Of Baileys. Or any combination you enjoy.

Little gifts to unwrap all year long. So that when the Hallmark channel goes back to...hmmm whatever it airs when it's not Holiday Movies...we can still find so much to bring us together.

Untouchable Moments all year long.

I'm feeling the spirit from so many memories, far past and up to the present. Christmas Mornings. Trips to see The Transiberian Orchestra. Hot Chocolate at The Rockefeller Tree with Sean. And yes, even that time I knocked over the family Christmas Tree.

Ready for a rockin' Christmas.

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