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Subway Poles and Coffee Mugs

I recently had to start taking the Subway again. It's been strange. I'm not comfortable sitting or really touching anything. Especially the poles that are there to give me stability. I probably should have always been hesitant of those nasty things but I used to grab them, no questions asked.

I now ride the subway similar to a surfer. Bent knees, ready to sway in any direction while keeping my balance as the train speeds ahead.

I've never given the subway poles much thought before. I mean, I am guilty of leaning on them when not many people are around (sorry not sorry). And I have, on occasion, used the inertia of the train to swing around them.

Now I'm thinking about them a lot.

I stand in my surfer position and I stare at the pole. I almost bring myself to touch it... I do not do it. I think to myself, the subways are getting cleaned more than ever before and it is probably fine... No. Gotta draw my line somewhere.

It's not about the pole. It's that I look at that pole and I cannot foresee any time soon that I will hold onto it with the reckless abandon that I used to. Even if I get my courage up to just use it, it won't be the same. And that's okay. Our relationship shall be different.

What are those things that ground you, even when you don't realize it? Treasure those moments and allow them to fill you up.

My morning coffee mug in my hand comes to mind. It gives me strength, not only from the caffeine, but through the physical act of holding it. No wild, global emergency threatens this crucial part of my day. If there was, and somehow mugs were a threat, would I be swinging around a subway pole and dreaming of a mug of coffee? Probably. (I may have already been dreaming of a mug of coffee whilst fastened to the pole but you get it!!)

There are so many 'subway poles' and 'coffee mugs' right now and they all have the potential to offer us balance and strength in our lives.

Sorry not sorry for the inevitable coffee mug Instagram pic later this week.

Pre March 2020. Subway Pole✓ Coffee✓

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