• Jeremy Konopka

'The Time Has Flown By!'

Where has the time gone?! It zoomed by in the blink of an eye!

Do you say things like this? I do. I find myself saying things like this a lot. Usually, in vulnerable and important moments. Seeing someone after a long time. Milestones. Birthdays. Coming across a photo of yourself in your awkward phase.

Today, Sean and I celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary. And, of course, I find myself dramatically professing these phrases. 4 years?! What?!....How?!

Yes, time can fly. Time can stand still. And at the heart of time, it is ticking by, open to however we perceive it.

I discovered that while 4 years feels insane...it also makes sense.

The date night dinners. The new apartments. The movie nights. The trips to the Catskills and to the Beach. The bickering. The making up. The long car-rides. The...Netflix bingeing, Christmas trips to Rockefeller Center, Trader Joes meals, book swapping, coffee and morning cartoons............

They make up the 4 years. Each moment. Each conversation. Each hand hold.

So, I shall now hesitate to say that something flew on by.

It happened. It may feel like it was a blur but it wasn't. If I care enough about the time to say such a phrase then I bet it was time worth treasuring.

Let's not discredit how we spend our moments by resigning them to a cliché phrase that blurs the beauty that occurred.

Let's live it up and remember it.

And to you, Sean: I love you, Happy Anniversary.


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