• Jeremy Konopka

Wait, The Holidays Have To End?

When I was a kid, I never wanted my presents to move from underneath the tree. Even after Christmas.

After they were opened, I would arrange them nicely just as they had been before I unwrapped them.

My mom would eventually gather them up and place them on my bed to be put in their new homes. I would see this and quickly grab them and rush them back downstairs and under the tree.

My mom naturally wanted to clean up.

I wanted to hold onto that magic for as long as possible.

Why did I want to preserve the present display like a museum exhibit?

It wasn't just my presents that I wanted to stay there...I wanted everyone's to stay in their spot!

Well, I believe it was less about the presents and more about the end of Christmas Day. The end of Christmas break. That week and a half that I looked forward to for so long. That time that was always filled with so much fun. Good food. Good movies. Good music. And especially: Good Company.

Those days were filled with warmth and joy, as if time stood still.

Yet, of course, time kept moving and eventually it was time to pack up those presents and put them away or use them.

It was eventually time to go back to school and work.

Time to take the tree down. (Although, we usually kept our tree up until the beginning of January- we weren't Scrooges!!...no offense.)

It was always a surprise, every single year, to find that the return to normal was actually really refreshing. The house was suddenly bigger again, once the decorations came down. There were new toys and electronics to play with. And the warm bonding energy of the Holidays was as strong as ever.

We settled in to watch the movies we received. Or the new season of American Idol.

We went to the Broadway show that I received tickets to (or the hockey game in my brothers case.)

The magic and the unity of the Holiday were alive and well. As soon as I stopped grasping to hold onto that which had passed, I realized that it stayed with me all along.

Keep the magic and the warmth and the joy that you hopefully felt these past few weeks and allow them to enrich your life even more.

Allow those times that are treasured and special to stay with you. You don't have to cling to them. They are happy to continue down the path of time right by your side.

I always feel so grounded and full (both literally and figuratively) after the Holidays.

It makes me think of one my favorite New Years Eve's as a teenager. I wanted to stay in, eat the buffalo chicken dip my mom made me and watch TV. And that's what I did.

Things won't look much different this year except that I have a husband that I have to share it with.

Here I am at my Nana and PopPop's house embracing life after the Holidays as the Wicked Witch, obviously.

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