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Oh, I know waiting. I'm an actor. Sometimes, we literally wait forever to never hear an answer so we know how to steer ourselves away from an (immediate) outcome and into something productive.

Well, I do my best.

I think we all have waiting that we are used to dealing with. Waiting for emails from a slow recipient, waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for your favorite season to arrive, waiting for your favorite TV show to finally come back. Or waiting for Hocus Pocus 2 to like, actually happen.

We know this waiting. We know how to deal. Even on the worst days. Even if we aren't doing our best, we know how to take care of ourselves.

We know how to release, be patient, and channel our energy into what we have in the moment.

Sometimes, a new kind of situation occurs, say a pandemic, say a crazy election, say a rogue Amazon package that has apparently fallen off the face of the earth. In these instances, we forget that we even have tools to utilize. Cue the scrolling, eating, drinking, and lounging in a stupor of impatient despair.

We do.

We can dig deep and make it through. We can light that candle, curl up with that book, and put those phones down. We can breathe and drink water and exercise.

We can trust. Trust in ourselves.

How we wait is almost as important as getting to the result, because waiting will always be a factor and there will always be something else to wait on. We want to be our true and full selves in the waiting so that we arrive that way when the time is up.

Good is coming. We got this. In the meantime, I will abstain from checking news headlines for Hocus Pocus 2 every 5 seconds. It will happen. I just KNOW it. And my constant obsessive googling will not make it come any faster. Might as well enjoy the now.

Waiting for Roxy to share the blanket!

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