• Jeremy Konopka

Woo Woo Gratitude

We have all heard about gratitude. It's important. We know.

I've written out my lists. Writing down the things that I am grateful for...

Coffee. Cool Air. My Husband. My Family. Our Apartment. My Coffee Mug. My Bed. My Couch. Living In NYC. hmmm....That Beautiful Tree! And that Hole In My Sock.

I carry on...filling the list.

I doubt that I am alone in the feeling that sometimes I just write it down. I literally just fill the list. And ding! I expect that magical gratitude divinity to wash over me. I mean...I said I'm freaking grateful, okay?!?!

I realized that I have to mean it. I have to take the time to really feel what I'm saying. Why am I grateful for this in this specific moment?

Completing the task to check it off of a to-do list does not do it justice.

I realized this while running in the park and breathing in the trees around me. Woo Woo, I know.

I could feel why, though. I understood how grateful I was to be running in nature in the middle of Brooklyn and to be living in this city in the first place. I felt so fulfilled.

Try it out. I'm calling it Woo Woo Gratitude. Because to me, it's just one step further. And because I love when Oprah calls things Woo Woo.

You may be surprised. I kind of was when my gratitude for a barren tree ignited a flurry of thoughts that led to a surge of power toward my path in life. Woo Woo, for sure.

Woo Woo Grateful for this snow!!

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