• Jeremy Konopka

Younger Self, Look At Me!

In the past few months, I came up with a mind set for myself that I have found really helpful. I tap into it whenever I am feeling down, have to do something difficult, or just need a little boost of confidence.

I think about my younger self and what he would think of me. Right now. In this moment. What would he have to say?

I'm currently sitting in my Brooklyn apartment with the window open, the sound of rain falling outside, and 2 Christmas candles lit around me. I'm pursuing my passion, married, and within driving distance to my family. My younger self is amazed. I see him dancing to Hairspray in my childhood bedroom and cheering me on.

I'm reminded that I am grateful and proud. Of so much. Especially that salad that I ate for lunch.

It just takes a small shift of the mind to see all that you are, from micro to macro.

This helps me to find perspective. I'm able to be a little tougher with myself when I remember that dreamer with limitless reach. I'm able to be kinder to myself when I remember that loyal, loving guy who cared for everyone.

And I'm able to honor everything that he was in those moments while adding my own, present-time flair.

I really encourage you to try this out whenever you need a little nudge. I think you will be shocked how easy it is and how much of an inspiration you are to that little human of the past.

It really helps the negatives to fall away.

It helps the good of the present moment come into focus.

And it helps you to see that you're awesome, especially because you willingly eat vegetables now.

Your younger self will uplift you whenever you need it, just tap in and say hello!

Young Jeremy looks up to me so much and is in awe that I'm no longer scared of thunderstorms.

Bringing this back because it just feels right.

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